Homeless Evangelist

Though not exactly selling religion, this homeless man "Lewis" was selling prints with a hidden Madonna and child embedded within. We stopped to talk with the intention of taking his photograph if he would allow. Lewis stood outside the Haymarket T station with a message and a $25 print for sale, relating the miracle of the Madonna and Child appearing within the print he was wielding in front of him. We conversed for several minutes allowing him to get his message out. My friend then asked if he could take his photograph and Lewis agreed all while continuing to describe the miracle that was hidden within this print. 

As you might imagine, it was a bit of a challenge to conclude this visit with Lewis as he seldom paused long enough to allow a polite departure. We thanked him for his time and my friend gave Lewis $20 for allowing us the opportunity to photograph him. As we walked off both my friend and I wondered if Lewis was really homeless or perhaps a poser for his personal amusement.