View from on high

I'm off work today taking an extra day to extend the holiday weekend. I have no particular plans except to photograph some and update this blog. 

This photo is the view I have from my home office/studio window. Lots of rooftops as well (may post photographs of those at some point) .

Since moving to the city I haven't quite figured out what or where I want to photograph. I know, just get out and see what you find. That has been my mode in the past. Lately though, I haven't felt like dealing with people that question my motives. I always run into them and in the past I just rolled with it.. This neighborhood is a bit sketchy and I think twice when heading out with $4000 worth of camera on me.  I do have a winter photo project lined up and set-up a small table with a backdrop for that purpose. This is what I photographed during the winter of 2008-2009.