Returning to old habits isn't so bad

When I first started my photoblog in 2002 life was very different for me. My design business had come to a stand still after 911, forcing me to move back in with my parents until I could get back on my feet. During that time blogs were a new thing. This was long before social media existed as we know it today. Even newer were photoblogs. There were probably a dozen or so I knew of and started following regularly.

Having the skills to create a web page, I decided to start my own photoblog. I called it "dujour - an exercise in photography". At the time most of the photobloggers were posting images each day. That was kind of the point of it. So my blog became a daily which got me out photographing on a regular basis, if for no other reason, to have something to post.

Over the years my daily blog posts became weekly, and sometimes even longer apart. What really happened was I fell out of the habit of getting out each day to photograph. Life got in the way. And not only that, my interests changed so the subjects I chose to photograph became fewer and more deliberate. This isn't always a bad thing but in my case it turned out to be, closing my window of creativity. The result was I photographed less. 

My recent discovery and viewing of Cig Harvey's talk (see previous post) on YouTube reminded me what I discovered in the early days of my photoblog. Inspiration comes from doing, not sitting and thinking of what to do. Some of my best work came out of getting in my car and going someplace, any place, with my camera. I discovered so many places I never knew existed or didn't think of as worthy of photographing. Except they were.

Today I took my own advise and got out in the snow with my camera to photograph. I walked around the neighborhood or as I've been calling it "The Hood" and just photographed. I found graffiti. I played with manual focus again. I walked at least a mile returning with excitement again for my craft. 

Here are two of the images from today.