Watching photographers on YouTube

There hasn't been a better time to view your favorite photography or photographers work online than the time we're currently living in. This goes for any subject of interest. With devices like Apple TV and Smart TV accessing shows, interviews, seminars, or just surfing the Internet has become what channel surfing used to be a decade ago, from the comfort of your plush living room chair or couch.  I have Apple TV hooked up to my 42" LED TV and YouTube is my channel of choice these days. 

Recently I've had a hunger for finding my favorite photographers on YouTube. And there are many to find. Last night I found Cig Harvey giving a talk at B&H in NYC. Cig has been on my radar for a few years and last year I purchased her book, "You Look At Me Like An Emergency". She lives in Maine and photographs commercially and pursues personal photography projects. 

Check our her talk at B&H in NYC.