People watching - Downtown Crossing

A lot of what I post here on this blog is street photography. One reason I'm drawn to it is because it is so accessible from a photographers perspective. Really. It's just a matter of walking along a street in any town or city with a camera and looking for interesting subjects to photograph. However, it's not as easy as it sounds. It takes all the skills a good photographer should have and a keen eye for observing your surroundings. And a bit of luck. 

Saturday I went to Boston to photograph the Haymarket Open Market in hopes of getting a few good images I could add to my ongoing Haymarket series. After shooting over 100 images I did walk away with at least one I feel good about. While in town I made my way over to Downtown Crossing to observe the people and perhaps come away with a few good images taken their as well. I found a spot on one side of the crossing and sat with my camera, waiting for the right moment to capture a photograph. Here is one photo I found interesting.