New Camera

About every 4 years I purchase a new DSLR camera. At least this has been true for all 3 of my DSLR camera's. With much research and budget analysis I went with the Nikon D7100. This camera has a lot to offer for its price and DX format sensor. With 24 megapixels the images are large and very sharp when zooming in. It has features that rival the full-frame sensors, and best of all it works with all my lenses. Going with a Nikon D800 or the Canon 5D Mark lll would have been nice but it was clearly out of my price range. And if I want to shoot with one of those cameras I can just borrow the Canon 5D from work on the weekends. 

Getting to know the camera is critical in the beginning. I've watched tutorials on YouTube and Googled questions about specific settings I was unable to find easily. Now it's time to shoot. This photo is one of my first with this camera taken this morning at the McDonalds drive-thru. So far so good.